Caroline loves the Nature...
and after various adventures, she settled in a place of greenery which she wants to make you share. Then she had an idea... where rather envy... of "âneries"! In French language you translate the word ass by "âne". And the "âneries" means stupidities, because many people thought than asses were stupid...

So young and adults,
I have important thing to say to you: the ass is a fantastic companion. Secret but mischievous, it is necessary to observe it, to listen to it, to take care of it, and it will know how to pepper your ride! For a short or a long ride, in charge of its "rucksack" to carry your "burdens", the ass accompanies you. With a topo, on market out roads, it makes you discover and appreciate the "life size mountain"!



  • •  Half Day
  • •  Full Day

    30 €
    50 €

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  • •  Adult
  • •  Child
    10 €
    05 €

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Gite Vue Lac Léman
Where you can find ...
Picnics prepared carefully to take with you for the ass ride ...
True snacks to eat at your ride come back, ...
Breakfasts or lunches (if you ask it) made home with products of our region ...

You can find that in our corner "small restoration" with...
Inside, an old renewed stable which proposes you a cocoon and stuffy space
Outside, a terrace which offers you a panorama allying Léman Lake and mountains ...


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